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Healthcare Management Services  (MSO)

MDTel brings together a network of experienced physicians and advanced practice clinicians, forging strategic partnerships with clinics and health care systems. This collaborative approach allows MDTel to deliver comprehensive physician, advanced practice clinician (APC), and practice management services, seamlessly integrated with existing healthcare infrastructure.

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MDTel Partners with Clinics for Comprehensive Services

Clinics seeking superior continuity of care need a trustworthy and experienced clinical partner. MDTel recognizes your challenges and tackles them head-on. We offer two flexible solutions:
1. Full-service program: We recruit, manage, and own your entire clinical group, streamlining operations and quality.
2. Management expertise: We support and optimize your existing clinical practice, maximizing efficiency and outcomes.
Every facility is unique, and we tailor our approach to fit. Partner with MDTel and deliver exceptional inpatient care, seamlessly, every time.

Specialty Care Services

Specialty Care Services

MDTel's patient-centric, physician-managed approach translates into a deep understanding of your needs. We leverage our expertise in Accurate patient eligibility determination, correct coding and efficient claims billing, Meticulous denial management, Optimizing managed care reimbursement, Enhancing secondary collections, Professional and respectful patient interactions. Whether you're an independent practice or clinic-employed, MDTel offers a streamlined, transparent platform to optimize your clinic physician billing and revenue cycle. We provide the support, resources, and experience you need to thrive in today's healthcare landscape.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management
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Streamline operations, enhance care, and improve patient satisfaction. MDTel's collaborative approach, centered on best practices and process improvement, empowers clinics to achieve their clinical and financial goals.

As healthcare navigates intricate challenges, clinics crave partners who humanize the path to value-based, cost-effective care. MDTel steps forward with its multi-specialty expertise and robust network, offering scalable solutions. We invest in our clinical teams, providing leadership development and comprehensive quality initiatives. This collaborative spirit fosters seamless operational support, aligns departments and clinicians, and optimizes clinical quality. Ultimately, it paves the way for an exceptional patient experience, journey by journey.

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